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breakfast!! and the dead sea

hi everybody it’s bodhi and i’m going to tell you about my visit to the dead sea with mummy and daddy. for me definitely the best part of visiting the dead sea was breakfast. it was the greatest breakfast i’ve had in all my year! we stayed in zehava’s zimmer on the ein gedi kibbutz, across the street from the sea. zimmer is hebrew for bed and breakfast and zehava is the lady who we stayed with. she took such great care of us. mummy said she was doing seva, which is a word for selfless service, and daddy said that she was my jewish grandma in israel, until my real jewish grandma lori came the next week.

each morning zehava brought us the most beautiful breakfast of eggs just how i like them, lots of kinds of bread and i love bread, hummus, tahini, fresh fruit, salads, and more. we ate breakfast on our deck because it wasn’t too hot outside yet.

besides eating breakfast we also went floating in the dead sea because it was something to do after breakfast was all gone. actually mummy and daddy went in but i just dipped my toe because it was “too salty for little guys” or at least that’s what they said. then mummy put mud on daddy which was funny and then she put mud on me and i didn’t think that was so funny.

if i had to pick a second favorite part of the dead sea visit it was probably riding in a tractor train down to the water. i’ve seen a lot of tractors in israel so far and i like watching them a lot, so i found this to be  particularly fun. sadly the water gets further and further away each year. daddy looked up why and it is primarily because much of the water in the jordan river is now diverted away from the sea. but there are some projects being finished soon that are meant to help address this problem, so that’s good!

after breakfast on our last day we went on a short hike to a waterfall that we got to swim in! since i’m just a baby i asked daddy how there is a waterfall in the middle of the desert and he said he was wondering the same thing. but it was cool to see and very refreshing! then we got in the car and daddy stopped to take one last picture, and mummy took a picture of him taking a picture, and i took a nap. it was a great visit and i couldn’t wait to see what breakfast would be like in the next place.

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  1. Papa G

    August 8, 2018 at 3:22 PM

    The waterfall does look refreshing especially knowing how hot it is there. Love to all. Enjoy.

  2. Tamara Stein

    August 8, 2018 at 10:00 PM

    Bodhi is a great storyteller!

  3. Fauzia

    August 9, 2018 at 10:49 AM

    Looks fantastic, definitely on my list of places to visit.
    Bodhi’s blog is almost as good as Heather’s, watch out you two, Bodhi might be thinking about taking over your blog 🙂

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